Must Try Winter Activities In Niseko, Japan

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Experience the magic of winter in Niseko, Japan with these must-try activities. From skiing and snowboarding to hot springs and delicious Japanese cuisine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this winter wonderland.

Ski Lift up to the top of mt Niseko-Annupuri

Niseko, located around a two-hour drive from Sapporo, attracts millions (4.4 million in 2018-2019, to be exact) of visitors from across Japan and the world. Most people visit during winter as the area is famed for its cloud-like powder snow. Coupled with luxurious ski resorts, Niseko is the ultimate winter holiday destination. One icon of Niseko is Mount Yotei, also dubbed the “Mount Fuji of Hokkaido,” which follows you as you glide your way down the slopes.

View overlooking Grand Hirafu and Mt Yotei from Hirafu gondola

Niseko is undoubtedly one of the most famous ski resorts in the world but simultaneously a fantastic gateway into Japanese culture. So, let’s get into all you need to know about Niseko in winter.

How to Get to Niseko

Driving to Niseko

There are two routes to reach Niseko from Sapporo. The first involves traveling south towards Jozankei, through Nakayama Pass, to Makkari Town, a stunning scenic drive taking roughly one hour and 45 minutes.

The alternative option is to drive up to Otaru and then down into Niseko. This option takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes. It might be a good choice if you want to stop and enjoy some of Otaru’s attractions and seafood.

During winter, the roads are very icy; despite the snow tires, it is easy to skid and lose control. Nakayama Pass takes you through the windy mountains, which can be a little more dangerous. Going through Otaru and Yoichi uses the highway, which is more convenient and safer. However, please drive cautiously for both routes.

Trains to Niseko

To get to Niseko from Sapporo Station, take the Hakodate Line – Niseko Liner Rapid heading towards Kutchan. The journey takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, with a one-way cost of 2,100 yen. In certain situations, you might need to switch trains at Otaru Station.

It’s worth noting that a Shinkansen line is currently under construction, with completion planned for 2031!

Bus to Niseko

Starting from the clock tower, situated just south of Sapporo Station, you can catch the Chuo Bus heading towards Niseko Ikoi no Yujuku Iroha. The journey takes under three hours, and the fare is 2,130 yen.

Within Niseko, regular buses run throughout the ski resorts, hotels, and neighboring Kutchan town during the winter season.

Powder Snow

Niseko is known as the go-to place for all things winter sports in Hokkaido if not all of Japan. It has become renowned for having some of the finest powder snow, which attracts visitors from across the globe. But what exactly is powder snow?

Without going into too much technical detail, powder snow is fresh snow that is dry and airy, making it feel like you are sliding along a sea of clouds.

Person snowboarding

Niseko is located at the base of Mount Niseko Annupuri and Mount Yotei, receiving plenty of sunlight and low-water content snow. The combination of the northwest Siberian winds meeting the Sea of Japan’s warm waters to the southeast creates a phenomenon known as the “Ocean-Effect Snow,” forming an easterly-moving snowbelt. In addition, Niseko’s average winter temperature of 25°F (-4°C) means the snow has between 92-96% trapped air, creating its famous powder snow.

World-Class Ski Resorts

However, it’s not just the snow that has gained worldwide recognition. Niseko has several world-class ski resorts that let guests have a winter stay of a lifetime: Hirafu, Annupuri, and Hanazono. Here, you can find luxury hotels such as the Ritz Carlton Reserve and Park Hyatt that mix Western and Japanese cultures, cozy cottages, and relaxing condominiums perfect for families. With the abundance of accommodations and the slopes with beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, Niseko is accessible to everyone.

Setsu Niseko exterior

However, with all this demand, many luxury hotels quickly sell out and double or even triple in price compared to the off-season. You can find budget hotels and lodges, but they are often a little further away from the slopes. If the hotels are fully booked or a little out of budget, Niseko is easily accessible as a day trip from Sapporo or Otaru.

New hotel exterior in Niseko
people walking in Niseko next to new hotels

As Niseko is so popular with non-Japanese, many of the hotels, restaurants, and facilities are able to provide service in English. In fact, you’ll probably hear considerably more English than Japanese when you are there!

Winter Food in Niseko

Niseko is also blessed with fantastic food, from local Hokkaido specialties to fine dining and global gastronomic experiences. Niseko is known for attracting people from across the globe, so many restaurants aim to build a shop to expose Hokkaido’s local cuisine, such as soup curry and jingisukan (lamb barbecue). However, thanks to its high cultural diversity, you can also find shops selling many foreign dishes that are hard to find elsewhere in Hokkaido.

Food stalls in Niseko at night
Hokkaido Seafood Soup Curry menu
Food stalls in Niseko at night

A popular spot is Tsubara Tsubara, offering warm and comforting soup curry with various vegetables and toppings. Unfortunately, the shop was closed on the day I visited, but there was a food stall selling Hokkaido’s local curry dish.

Seafood food soup curry

Niseko is known for its local produce as well, in particular, the humble potato. The mascot of Kutchan Town and the Niseko area is known as Jagata-kun [じゃがたくん]. The plethora of nutrient-rich soil, amongst other factors, makes growing potatoes ideal. As the endless snowfall covers the potatoes, the enzymes (that work at low temperatures) create even more sugar content. The result is some of the most delicious, fluffy, and sweet potatoes that are sought after across the county.

The POW BAR Cafe exterior
Cappucino in takeout cup at Pow Bar in Niseko
Baked sweets in a glass display case
Oat milk and coconut water in a glass fridge

If you love coffee and organic produce, I recommend heading to The POW BAR. I always stop here on my drive in Niseko and pick up a coffee and some sweets!

Hot Springs (Onsen)

What better way to end a session on the slopes than soaking in a hot spring? Many of the ski resorts’ hotels have onsens where you can enjoy a relaxing soak during your stay, even if you visit Niseko on a day trip.

Best Time to Visit Niseko in Winter

Light snowfall typically occurs between mid-October and November, drastically increasing from late November. Most ski resorts will start to open during this time and early December, so if you want to get the season’s first snow, this is the best time to go.

Person snowboarding
Person skiing

However, the heaviest snowfall is between January and February, which is the peak season to get a piece of the powder snow. Keep in mind that around this time, many of the hotels will be expensive and limited in availability, and the slopes will be busy. I recommend booking several months in advance if you plan to go during this time.

People climbing the snow

If you visit in February, look out for the Yukitopia Festival in Kutchan (held on the 17th and 18th in 2024). You can enjoy various activities such as an ice rink and rubber tube racing, marvel at the snow sculptures, and indulge in the food market.

From March to April, and even early May in some years, you can enjoy some early spring skiing. While you may not find powder snow, you can enjoy the slopes with fewer people, slightly warmer weather, and lower accommodation costs!

Ski Resorts in Niseko

There are four main ski areas in the area that are known as Niseko United – Hirafu, Niseko Village, Hanazono, and Annupuri. These four resorts surround Mount Niseko Annupuri, where you can find some of the finest hotels, condominiums, and food while enjoying all the snow.

Mt Niseko-Annupuri covered in snow
people walking in Niseko next to new hotels

While you can buy your lift pass specifically for where you stay, you can also purchase an “All Mountain Pass” on Niseko United’s website. This grants you access to the ski lifts at all four ski resorts, including shuttle bus rides. They also have various bundles, discounts, and deals with transport to and from New Chitose Airport, so it is worth checking their website when planning your trip. Please note, if you plan on staying in Niseko, check with your accommodation, as many places offer transport for staying guests.

Grand Hirafu

The hub of Niseko is known as Hirafu. The area is split into Grand Hirafu and Lower Hirafu. The former is the ski resort, including Hirafu Gondola and various other ski lifts, granting you access to boundless terrains, off-piste, backcountry, and night skiing. From the slopes, you can enjoy a panoramic view over Niseko and a stunning view of Mount Yotei. You can ride the Hirafu Gondola, even if you do not plan on going skiing (return trip of 2,800 yen for adults in 2024). You can enjoy the snow from early December to early May.

People walking up to Hirafu Gondola
View overlooking Grand Hirafu and Mt Yotei from Hirafu gondola
Niseko Hirafu Ski Resort sign with Mt Yotei in the background
Skiiers stannding with Mt Yotei in the background

Grand Hirafu is also home to countless luxury and budget hotels, condominiums, and lodges, as well as a plethora of restaurants and cafes to keep you fueled during your stay. I love to visit Green Farm Cafe Deli as they have great coffee and a whole range of food from sandwiches to hot dishes.

Green Farm Deli Cafe Exterior
Coffee roasting machine
Coffee menu at Green Farm Deli Cafe in Niseko
Sausage Roll at Green Farm Deli Cafe in Niseko
Glass display selling sandwiches at Green Farm Deli Cafe in Niseko

Being from the UK, I had to pick up a sausage roll because it’s been while since i had one!

Schoolbus food truck selling burgers
Person carrying shopping walking down Grand Hirafu road with Mt Yotei in the background
Person waiting for their coffee at %Arabica in Niseko

The area is drastically different from the off-season, as you’ll find many non-Japanese enjoying their winter holiday.

Rhythm shop in Niseko
Rhythm shop in Niseko selling skiins and shoes
Rhythm shop in Niseko winter shoe display
Rhythm shop in Niseko selling winter clothing
Rhythm shop in Niseko selling winter sports helmets

Head to Rhytmn to buy or rent all the ski gear you need and lessons and tours.

Apartment building in Lower Hirafu
Wooden lodge in Lower Hirafu
View of Grand Hirafu and Mt Niseko-Annupuri at night

Lower Hirafu mainly consists of lodges and condominiums, with many staff houses scattered around. In these narrow streets, you’ll find some pubs and bars filled with staff and locals, so it’s a great place to enjoy the nightlife.


Hanazono Ski Resort is located on the eastern side of Mount Niseko Annupuri. Ski season typically runs from early December to early April, with plenty of courses for beginner and intermediate-level skiers and snowboarders. For the more advanced, there are many off-piste tracks alongside wide-open powder bowls, banks, kickers, and jib park, making Hanazono a fantastic option for thrill seekers.

Hanazono sign with two bells
Hanazono Ski Resort
Park Hyatt Niseko exterior
Gondolas in Hanazono Ski Resort

There are several chalets, lodges, and hotels, the largest of which is Park Hyatt, a luxury ski-in ski-out mountainside hotel. The luxury hotel has everything you need for an indulgent winter stay, including eleven restaurants, lounges, bars, spa and onsen facilities, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and more.

People skiing and snowboard in Hanazono, Niseko
Hanazono ski shop selling winter sports gloves

Just outside is Hanazono 308, a cafe and ski shop, where you can buy or rent all the equipment you need to hit the slopes.

EDGE Restaurant & Bar in Hanazono, Niseko
EDGE Restaurant & Bar interior
EDGE Restaurant & Bar interior

Right next to the ski lifts is Hanazono EDGE, a restaurant and bar overlooking the resort, a perfect spot for taking a break after enjoying all the powder snow.


Next is Annupuri, located on the western edge of the Niseko United area. Annupuri is famous for having a fantastic mix of terrain for all skill levels, long groomed runs, and four gates for backcountry access. Ski season typically runs from early December to Early May.

Skiis resting on a rack with Annupuri jumbo quadlist in the background
People skiing and snowboarding in Annupuri Ski Resort in Niseko
Ski Life at Annupuri Ski Resort in Niseko

At the base, you’ll find various chalets, hotels, and places to stay with a more Japanese style.

Yugokorotei Onsen Ryokan sign covered in snow
Yugokorotei Onsen Ryokan sign covered in snow
Iroha Hotel in Annupuri

While it is much less hectic than Hirafu, the slopes have just as good quality snow and courses to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Niseko Village

The last ski resort in the Niseko United group is Niseko Village. Nestled between Annupuri and Hirafu, Niseko Village has several well-established “ski-in ski-out” hotels, including Hilton Niseko Village and the renowned Ritz Carlton. The area is perfect for families as there is an abundance of winter activities, such as snowmobiling, snow rafting, snowshoe tours, and reindeer sled rides.

The slopes also have plenty of beginner courses and some of the longest and steepest runs for experienced skiers. The winter season typically runs from early December to early April.

Takahashi Milk Farm building covered in snow
Field of snow, trees and Mount Yotei in the background
Takahashi Milk Farm milk ice cram with Mt Yotei in the background
Fields covered in snow with Niseko Town in the background

Close by is Niseko Takahashi Dairy Farm MILK KOBO. If you read my Niseko Autumn Travel Guide, you may remember I visited the farm and enjoyed the seasonal flowers, greenery, and some ice cream. Well, this is the scenery in winter- nothing but snow!

Of course, I had to get my customary ice cream!

Other Winter Activities in Niseko

Aside from skiing and snowboarding, there are so many other winter activities you can indulge in. If you head to NAC (Niseko Adventure Centre), you can participate in snowshoe and cross-country ski tours to soak in the magical winter weather at a leisurely pace.

As mentioned, I recommend checking out Niseko United to book any ski lift and winter activity tickets in advance.

Mt Yotei in Niseko during sunset, covered in snow

Niseko is a winter paradise for all skiers and snowboarders. However, even if you are not keen on hitting the slopes, it’s still a fantastic area to visit and appreciate the sheer amount of snow and the stunning scenery.

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